Other label tag sticker

PCB UHF label in management :

All the time, how to use RFID technology torealize on the printed circuit board (PCB) material management is a problem, theexisting label volume is too large, or the cost is too high, or the labeling processis a trouble, we produce a tag that directly paste the IC chip sticker theultra high frequency (6C) tags together in the board, appearance common withthe ordinary IC, beautiful appearance, does not affect the usage, or relativelyinvisible, the furthest read distance reaches 5 meter in metal environment. Nowfor the printed circuit board (PCB) manufacturing application launch of radiofrequency identification (RFID) real-time tracking solution, we provide highlyautomated technique for electronic and subcontract manufacturer, frommanufacturing to customer delivery process for PCB synchronous recognition andtracking, quality control, anti goods etc.. PCB RFID label Can be applied toall kinds of PCB sheet, such as: industrial control board, the computermotherboard, mobile phone -- as long as the printed circuit board can berealized, the application has the actual case. This tag can also be directlyattached to the metal surface, or in the pill of foil.  If you have such needs, welcome to contact me.