Asset management

Key fob tag

Antenna dimension:        23.8X23.8mm(±0.2mm)                

Final dimension:            32.5X32.5X2mm                      

Surface Material:            ABS Plastic Case                       

Characteristics:              Alien Rhombus Label                        

Operating Frequency:        860MHZ960MHZ                  

Supported Protocol:         ISO 18000-6C                         

Chip IC:                          Impinj Monza 4E(M4D option)                

TID:                            96bit                   

MEMORY :                  EPC 96bitto 496bit   

USER:                      128bit                                        

Operating Mode :          Inventory Read or Write                              

Reading Distance :         30CMFixed Reader                   

Personalized Coding:       Supporting multiple datastructure of inside and outside combinatorial encodingcanbe synchronous and offline encoding), Supporting personalized key code                                   

Product Attribute:     UV Protection, Waterproof, Anti-corrosion,anti- Pecking, Resistance to Low and High Temperature, IP65.           


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